Cardinal is an independent Montreal-based publishing house specializing in the conception, development, and publication of cookbooks, literature, and health and wellness guides. Founded in 1987 by Richard Trempe, Cardinal has already achieved international success with its eclectic collection of French books, including Moutarde Chou (Emilie Villeneuve and Olivier Blouin), Les Touilleurs – Techniques gourmandes (Sylvain Côté and François Longpré), Admissions – Courts-métrages photographiques (Jocelyn Michel), Marché Jean-Talon – Recettes & Portraits (Susan Semenak), Cuisinez avec Maria Loggia and Célébrez avec Maria Loggia (Maria Loggia), Les Carnivores infidèles – 60 recettes végés pour tromper votre boucher (Catherine Lefebvre), Le Cuisinier rebelle, Le Cuisinier rebelle – Amuse-gueules autour du monde and Le Cuisinier rebelle – Mixologies (Antoine Sicotte).

About a year ago, Cardinal created the first book in our themed collection of cookbooks entitled The World’s 60 Best… Period. Since then, we’ve published 14 books, with several more in the works. This collection, created entirely in Quebec by our team of chefs, writers, and artists, features delicious, original, inspired recipes including burgers, pizzas, stews, salads, vegetarian dishes, brunch dishes, skewers, and more.

At Cardinal, we strive to publish books that inspire and are instantly recognizable for their creativity, spirit, and value.



Antoine Ross Trempe
General Manager   

Emilie Villeneuve

Noémie Graugnard
Production Manager  & Food stylist  

Marie Guarnera
Editorial Assistant